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This is the most luxurious French Chantilly lace trim. 

This lace is available in ivory or white.  It's approx 5cm (approx 2 inches) with a scalloped edge and a straight edge. It has the trademark 'eyelashes' and has a beautiful soft feel that you only get from authentic French lace

Multiple yards  will be cut as one length to a maximum of 4.3 yards or 4 metres as this is the maximum length the manufacturer produces this lace trim. It is strongly advised that if you're using this lace to do a particular project, you purchase enough to complete the project as there can be a 5% tolerance in the width and colour.

This t trim is manufactured by the premier French lace company who supplies to Chanel, Dior, Alexander McQueen, Dolce & Gabbana and many, many more top couturiers. This is soft, flexible lace - premier quality.

narrow Chantilly lace trim - white or ivory

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