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Sophia is the most luxurious and by far our most expensive lace. The base is a delicate Chantilly which has been re-embroidred in Italy to create the most sumptuous confection. It is a European triumph of design and skill.

The width of this fabric is approx. 130cms (55").

This is lace is priced per metre

There are a variety of different flowers embellishing the main border which are attached the the French lace base.  Larger, more intricate flower groups,  which are around 45cms (18") in from the edge,  measure approximately 12cms (5") across. The 3d effect is superb with each little flower an embroidered masterpiece.

This wonderful embroidery gradually reduces in density across the width of the lace so that there are just individual bouquets of flowers at the top edge (fourth image) .

A very subtle gold filigree thread has been used sparingly in the design to great effect.

We will only ship this lace by courier.

French lace with three dimensional decoration

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