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Alice II is the finest and most delicate and floaty French Chantilly lace that has been hand beaded to perfection This lace is a true couture masterpiece. The fine Chantilly is created in France by the foremost lace manufacturer and then expertly beaded by Indian craftsmen. Available in ivory. The second image shows an unbeaded version of this lace.

Alice II has a background that is predominantly a fine hexagonal tulle. The floral bouquet motif has subtle shading on the flowers. The double scalloped border is approx 5" deep and is identical on both edges. The border is eyelash fringed and has the bouquet continuing to the edge.

Alice II measures 91 cms in width- approx 36 inches . The edges of the lace are symmetrically scalloped and eyelash fringed.

french Chantilly beaded lace - Alice II

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