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Stellar is a delightfully feminine ivory lace with a relatively dense pattern of floral motifs, measuring 142cms (56")  wide. The background displays a variety of different weaves and sizes of pattern. Throughout the body of the lace are interconnecting flowers and leaves, which are highlighted both by cording and fine embellishing threads.
Both edges are scalloped and fringed and match each other.  This pattern is quite unusual in that the border measures only 2.5cms (1"), although the flowers at the edge of the lace are slightly larger than throughout the body. The largest flowers measures 7.5cms (3") in depth whilst the flowers in the body of the pattern are between 5.2cms (2") and 4.5cms (1.8"). The scallops repeat on approx 10cms (4")
We also offer this lace with additional beading and embellishment as Angelina.
Stella Lace is available in 2.9 metre pieces or by your designated, cut length.

Couture corded lace - Stellar

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